Schrodinger’s Cat

Acrylic on Canvas

16” x 20”

Retail Value: $600

Minimum Bid: $225


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Yi Lin is an artist focused on portraiture who, by using whimsy and magic, redefines art in the eyes of the millennial generation. Her art is whimsical, authentic and filled with energy. Having grown up on three continents and having enjoyed successful careers as an engineer and marketer, she rediscovered her childhood love of painting on a trip to Greece and has never stopped painting since.

Yi Lin is drawn to portraiture and strives to capture the essence and soul of every subject she portrays. In addition, her works on animals and nature exhibit a rare combination of realism, whimsy and enchantment that reflects her personality and experiences. Working primarily in watercolor, she combines traditional watercolor techniques with experimentation that challenges the status quo of the medium to redefine art in the eyes of the millennial generation.

As a world citizen and traveler, she is passionate about the environment and social equality. Since 2018, she has already collaborated with Castro St Merchants to celebrate the legacy of Harvey Milk, and will be partnering with Downtown Streets Team to bring awareness to homelessness in San Francisco. She also exhibited at the UC Berkeley Climate Art Show, where she donated all sales proceeds to climate change action.

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