Blue Retention

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Growing up shy and the youngest in a family of 7, I was a quiet observer noticing things that others often overlooked. I would spend time alone with our family photos and was moved by their power to capture and create a world that I could explore. I picked up a camera 10 years ago and it clarified my perspective. Capturing my observations, valuing them, and ultimately sharing them, has given me a voice that I have begun to celebrate. When I capture images, I feel the same excitement, wonder and calmness I felt when looking at old family photos or lost in my solitary reflection. Photography has become my form of self-exploration and artistic-expression. It gives me a way to actively engage and explore the world. Now, when I see something that is startling, odd, or beautiful, I am compelled to pick up my camera and capture it. This photo is from a show entitled Passenger, Passages, a selection of photographs from the past 6 years. They focus on the conflicting, complimentary, and absurd ways nature, people and society intersect. They are the images that best capture my experience and joy in the world now, and the part of me that I am most excited to share.

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