Yosemite Falls

Lithography print on handmade paper

Edition: 3/5

13.75” x 11”

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Tsungwei Moo was born in Taipei, Taiwan.  Upon emigrating to San Francisco, Tsungwei, a lifelong artist, decided to dedicate herself to art. She has produced a significant body of work in many mediums including ceramics and printmaking, as well as painting.

Moo has exhibited her work in galleries and museums throughout the Bay Area. She is also an artist in residence at Yosemite National Park, where she teaches pastel drawing. Most recently, her work  has been selected for the 2018 Art on Muni. She also won the Robby Poblete Foundation Art of Peace Project Phoenix Rising Award, which transforms gun parts into art.

Her work reveals her direct observation of life, informed by her hard-earned technical virtuosity, her professional background, her many travels around the world, and her passion for the shared experience of humanity.

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