Pret-A-L’amour (Ready To Love)

Mid-Century Guitar Body of Satin Mahogany Wood

14” x 20” x 3”

Retail Value: $1,800

Minimum Bid: $650



Pret-A-L’amour (Ready To Love) embodies the playful spirit of relationships and teases the imagination to embrace fashion accessories for light-hearted fun. A Mid-century guitar body of satin mahogany wood has transitioned to blossom as the shapely and artful form of a classically elegant bustier.

Sean O’Donnell’s sculptures pay homage to the craftsmanship of found objects and their age-related blemishes. His works value the imperfection and flawed beauty of the assembled pieces by blending their past lives with a pinch of cheeky surreal symbolism.

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