Jesus Took Piano Lessons To Save Your Soul

Found objects: Jesus figure, celluloid piano keys and metronome.

10” x 15” x 5”

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Sean O’Donnell’s assemblages pay homage to the craftsmanship of found objects and their age-related blemishes. His works value the imperfection and flawed beauty of the assembled pieces by blending their past lives with a dash of surreal iconography.

This piece pokes fun at the concept of ‘sacrifice’ and how it sneaks into our formative years and impels our adult lives. Generations of children have been oppressed by well-meaning parents to take piano lessons in hopes of instilling discipline into young idle minds. Jesus, like Captain Ahab lashed to his ship’s mast, flails on a metronome to a rhythmic refrain, reinforcing that our souls can only be saved through the act of practice – practice – practice.


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