Do Not Enter Golden Gate

Photo Ink Transfer on Decommissioned San Francisco Street Sign

Edition: 1/1

30” x 30” x 1″

Retail Value: $900

Minimum Bid: $325


BUY IT NOW! $1,175


I have always been a seeker, a curious observer walking close to the edge. As an adolescent on meandering bike rides I hopped in and out of dumpsters looking for beautiful things, broken things. In adulthood, I have searched for what is simply beautiful and surprisingly universal while walking the East African Bush and stateside in urban hidden underground tunnels. My camera allows me to live my introspection through a lens; my art bridges a personal affinity and connection to alternative perspectives in life. I have never been interested in creating things out of nothing. Each medium, every vibrant set of textures and colors, is a reaction shared with the viewer.

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