1. Upper Torso 2. Lower Torso

Hand-carved Elm Wood

18” x 18” x 14″

Retail Value: $5,000

Price: $1,750

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Exploring the human condition – how we relate to ourselves and to others – has been the major focus of my work for more than 50 years, and will no doubt continue to absorb me.  The possibilities for visual commentary on existence and relationships are infinite, not only in subjective content but in the range of stylistic interpretation.

I sculpt primarily in the classic subtractive mode, using mallet (or maul) and chisels on hardwood logs and blocks of marble.  Bronzes are cast from molds taken of wood pieces (editions are limited to 10).  Large works, usually constructed of redwood timbers to create enclosures which incorporate carved marble, invite the viewer to walk inside the sculpture.

By and large, my sculptures are commentaries on humanity, observations of individuals, and reflections on universal truths.  The paintings, on the other hand, are very personal and specific. My paintings are subtle, atmospheric, concerned with reflection and refraction.  The iridescent and interference pigments are applied to polycarbonate, aluminum, or steel sheets with brush, airbrush, and other techniques.  The finished paintings are mounted on glossy black Plexiglas, curving out into space, shifting and shimmering as the viewing angle or light changes.

As a long-distance runner for many years (16 marathons for instance) and tennis player, the feel of the atmosphere we live in is intimately experienced and remembered.  Hot sun, cold wind, driving rain – all the sensations are remembered then translated into color and texture. Whether sculpting or painting, I invite the viewer into my world.


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