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C-Print Photograph

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4” x 7”

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We look to (and at) images to find information: practical, aesthetic, erotic, and points between or overlapping. We are often seduced; we believe the photograph’s illusory diorama of a point in time, the diagram or chart’s authoritative organization of fact. My primary concern is to re-imagine the human body–in relation to its own assumed/perceived structure, as well as to “others” (other bodies, spaces, systems). In my montage based work, each image is the intersection of two layers: one a figure photographed with limited control (underwater or in a pitch dark studio), the other a found photograph or textbook illustration. In combining two often contradictory vocabularies, I aim to subvert their ostensible subject while harnessing their respective power(s).

The goal is to propose a question, beyond or between the boundaries of their respective vocabularies: the authority of the scientific illustration, the inscribed ideals of the classical art reference, the sentimentality or “family values” of the vernacular found photograph. Juxtaposed to the metaphoric submerged or light-drawn figure, a jangling dialog is created that ranges from the reinforcing to the ridiculous. Some recent work separates these layers out into multiple panel sequences, the complicating component of oblique narrative replaces that of the ambiguous blending of montage. Direct dialog reappears in the most current work, where ink-jet monoprints are embedded directly in the pages of dismembered books.

In either (and any) case: can we finally see more than we know?


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