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C-Print Photograph

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4” x 7”

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I began painting at 22 and discovered that I was drawn to what can be described as “strangeness” in my subjects. Human uniqueness and the creativity and diversity of its expression especially intrigues me. My interest comes from a sense of compassion rather than exploitation. I desire to reveal this in an up close and personal way.

I am drawn to photography because my concerns and perspectives can be more fully realized through the lens. Interpretation is always present for me as an artist, but through photography individuals are viewed more completely as they appear. Whatever factors initially may attract me to them—gender ambiguity, anorexia, bi-polarity, addictions, body shapes, clothes or body accessories, fetishes, or simply clashing contrasts—the camera allows me to capture those aspects. My particular choices regarding perspective, context, location, and basic esthetic elements then clarifies and showcases the unusual.

I crawl between the psychological legs of my subjects. They trust me. This provides them the freedom to give up to me who they are, their real selves.

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