Murmurations #6

Ink and Pigment on Wood Panel

30” x 30”

Retail Value: $3,000

Minimum Bid: $1,050


BUY IT NOW! $3,900


My work is what I consider to be a form of life drawing. I record life around me in very precise moments of time. I draw and record the bumps in the road, the turbulence in the airplane, and the chaotic patterns that people move in. By letting my pen follow my eye, or trace the movement of my body in space, I am recording my experiences, which, to the unknowing eye, resemble a messy scribble or scratch on paper. These initial drawings are actually the foundation or point of departure of a much more complex and intricate journey ahead filled with layers of repetitious mark-making, discovery and adaptation. By using traditional printing making techniques, I build each piece upon layers of my foundation drawings. I use color to define the spaces that evolve between the layers of lines becoming something that was once nothing. With color and intricate hand-painted definition, I dance and play between the boundaries of order and chaos and define what was once unseen and bring it to the surface.


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