Conflict Resolution 2

Woven paper drawings printed, embossed, dyed and hand painted independently, before being woven together.

28” x 22”

Retail Value: $1,600

Minimum Bid: $575


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For me, art is the practice of experimentation and invention––experimentation with materials and the invention of new relationships formed between materials. The experiments I create in my studio explore ideas of tradition and history, structure, surface and color, and the boundaries and relationships between. The processes involved are equally important to me as they each have a story and history of their own and the order in which I layer them directly affects the outcome, yet I do not know the exact and final result. I like to think of my work as layers of history, documented in fragments of time.

Aesthetically, it is imbued with elements that reflect on the world around me – where a struggle for balance and variation exist. I think that I look so much to my surroundings to feed my visual needs that it seems impossible for what I see to not affect what I make or what I’m thinking about when creating something. I am surrounded by hybrid philosophies and practices that affect almost every aspect of my being. The world I live is focused on innovation and the improvement of fundamental aesthetics and ideals in the name of conservation and design. In my immediate environment, the topography of the city I live in is transforming at a sureal speed and scale. Bridges and tunnels are being expanded and innovated to better connect north and south, east and west––connecting community, history, and relevance––as I seek out new processes to bring together.

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