Palo Alto, One

Archival pigment print

Edition: 3/25

19” x 25”

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Pep Ventosa’s work explores the space between painting and photography, using photographs as raw material, like paint, to create new imagery.

“Palo Alto, One” is from his “Trees, In the Round” series. “We are surrounded by trees, yet we often walk by them without a thought. In this series, I walk in a circle around a tree, shooting it repeatedly along my path, then overlay and refine the shots to discover what became of the the orbit, the tree and its environment in the round. I like the idea of rendering what is sometimes a complex environment into an abstract backdrop, leaving the tree with the leading role.”

Ventosa’s work has received awards from the Prix de la Photographie Paris, Photography Master’s Cup, and London International Creative Competition and is in the permanent collection of the Crocker Art Museum.


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