Framing by Sterling Art Services 


Watercolor, Ink on acid-free paper

11” x 14”

Retail Value: $800

Minimum Bid: $300


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I am a self-taught artist from San Francisco who dabbles in abstract expressionism and impressionism. The common thread connecting my portfolio is an original style that combines watercolor, squiggly ink lines, and mixed media in a vibrant color palette. Alongside my artistic pursuits, I have had a background in engineering, innovation, and design. A few years ago, I quit my corporate job to do what I loved doing most––paint. I explored many styles and subjects and landed on a compelling language of my own where I felt expressive and free. It was also around that time I became a mother and the culmination of the two pushed me to a new place. I paint about important social issues such as equality, gender bias, hate crimes, mental health, lifestyle, social media, and technology––issues that often need a new channel to percolate into the population. I would like my art to evoke change, or at the very least, a dialogue.


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