Life Could Be So Sweet!

Oil and Silver Metal (Aluminum) Leaf on Canvas

24” x 32”

Retail Value: $2,400

Minimum Bid: $850


Award winning artist, Paul Morin’s portraits are in public and private collections around the world. His portrait of Barack Obama titled Profile in Hope, was presented to the president in the Oval Office in 2010. Paul combines a traditional technique with a modern sensibility – images that confront the viewer and with a sense of scale that is very individual.

With empathy and humor, Paul’s work celebrates the human spirit and captures the unique look and expression of each sitter – honoring the individual quirkiness that makes each person the human they are! Paul delves into the personality of his subjects much like a candid snapshot reveals the moment-specific projection of a person’s inner thoughts. His commissioned portraits bring an immediacy to his subjects revealing an inner life that truly makes the sitter come alive!

In San Francisco, Paul is represented by ArtHaus Gallery.


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