Gold Country

Oil Painting on Canvas with Hand Crafted Maple Frame

30” x 24”

Retail Value: $1,200

Minimum Bid: $425


BUY IT NOW! $1,560


The painting was inspired by the California gold country, the seat of the 1848 gold rush. It’s a composite of my memories of that area with the American River and farm lands dotting the valley below the Sierra foothills.

Imaginary Realist P.A. Margis takes us on a journey with trees, animals, earth, sky and beyond. The paintings often question reality and reflect personal as well as worldly experiences. All done with a sense of beauty and aesthetics. The magic realism paintings are often mixed with elements of abstract, figurative and storytelling.

“I like telling stories with my art. It’s the way I communicate and speak my thoughts. I see myself as a part of history with my paintings reflecting my current state of mind in a complex world. There’s lots to tell but I don’t expect the viewer to always understand. Just look, enjoy and reflect.”


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