Donated by Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery

Sloping Plane – Rema Series

monotype on handmade paper

29” x 23.5”

Retail Value: $1,800

Minimum Bid: $650



My work focuses on the importance of layers.  In the mid 70’s I began experimenting with handmade paper.  When paper is still wet it is translucent and a bit transparent.  As it dries the different layers become opaque.  My way of revealing and including the other colored or textured layers was to tear or leave some of the top layers very carefully in the damp pulp.  In 1974 it was called the “Genn Method.”  I prefer to come them tear-ups.  The importance of layering in all my paintings started from that intense experience with handmade paper.  The threads of rain in my Rainbar series are built up in layers in a similar way to the layering pulp of my papermaking.


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