Framing by Back to the Picture

Charcoal on Paper

18” x 24”

Retail Value: $800

Price: $300

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My work is about the struggle to engage experience (here the experience of both vision and mark making/image building,) in as pure and intense way as possible; freed of preconception, formula, habit and intention. I don’t know what form these drawings will take till they are done. They are not the product of a technique that is a pre-set pattern of response consciously put into play. They are essentially anti-technique in nature. They are about extending the range of sensitivity, response and expression so that experience is allowed to manifest through the broadest range of one’s individual sensibilities and capabilities.

They are about reaction rather than calculation; response rather than intention.

They are in every sense a collaboration with what is being seen (generally another human) and also a collaboration with the process of drawing itself; the possibilities and limitations of the medium, and interacting with the evolving image which is allowed to develop in a way that is, hopefully, neither formulaic nor predictable.

To this degree I guess the drawings do represent a philosophy. This might be expressed as the effort to live in a way that is not circumscribed by the desensitizing effects of habit, formula, assumption, and rigidity. (The things that reduce experience to something predictable, safe and controllable – that mute existence, numb distance and us from our own lives.) For me drawing is about a place where I can explore a deeper level of connection and intimacy with experience in a way that sadly seems to elude us in so many other aspects of our living.


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