99 Percent

Mixed media, found paper and acrylic on wood panel

24” x 24”


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Mary Mocas, a Bay Area painter, has shown extensively in group shows since 2012. She received her Bachelor of Arts, with honors from Marietta College in Ohio, followed by continued studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Stanford University in Palo Alto, and CCA in San Francisco.In 2016, she received her MFA from CCA in San Francisco.

Mocas collects paper from urban walls in cities around the world. She extracts the peeling, deteriorated paper from the wheat pasted residue of messages from the past and present. Using these fragments of communication she layers torn narrations and adds hardedge and gestural paint.

The papers she discovers attract her with the delicacy of the aging process. They hold her attention with their intention.And invariably she reframes the content and changes it into into something new, sometimes mysterious, and often personal.

Mocas was on the Board of Trustees at the San Jose Museum of Art from 2000-2010 and was also on their Acquisitions Committee during that time. In addition, she owns The Mocas Group, an art consulting firm, operating in San Francisco since 1990, providing art services to local and international corporations, public institutions and private collectors.

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