Eucalyptus 2

Oil Pastel on Paper

20” x 25”

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Minimum Bid: $300


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The creative impulse of my rambling drawings find their sources in a rich youthful exposure to the woodland landscape and seasonal cycles of my Southern Tennessee roots. Whether drawing, painting, or winding my way with a pair of scissors, Ive attempted to reveal a memory, a mood, an emotional warning, or simply a bound and nestled sense of security in a world constantly in motion. The constant movement of our world… it’s relentless formation and decay, are a feature of my artwork and echo the memories and understanding I intuited early on. This understanding poured into (and out of) my younger queer mind and well beyond the ravages of our plague years where so much potential was lost. Much of my work references the fluidity of that very destructive and creative promise. Mark M Garrett

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