Raining Cats & Dogs

Acrylic on Panel

18” x 24”

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A prolific self-taught artist, Mark D. Powers is inspired by the blank slate–canvas, paper, everyday objects–the unmet potential of what could be, and the joy of untried media and ancient art techniques. You can see Mark’s characteristic style across a broad range of works including sculpture, etchings, paintings, illustrations, and assemblages.

Mark’s evocative ink drawings (routinely finished in one cathartic sitting) are expressionistic or even surreal, and are often loosely based on dreams from the previous night or fantastical thoughts from the day. As a result, these almost automatically-drawn pieces can depict twisted views on humor, darkness, joy, strength, and passion. His paintings, on the other hand, sometimes have a more realistic nature, although abstraction remains a fascination for the artist.

His works in sculpture and assemblage are mostly about the atypical use of unique materials. He assembles broken glass from smash-and-grab car burglaries to make objects of beauty from ugly situations. He etches onto milled stone objects (soapstone, marble, and granite) as a way to connect to an ancient and lost form of art, and because he can feel the healing energy that comes from holding stones.


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