Framing by Sterling Art Services

Garden Flowers in Cylinder Vase

Oil painting on canvas

24” x 30”

Retail Value: $3,500

Minimum Bid: $1,225


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The two strongest influences on Marius Bosc’s paintings are the colors and light of the Bay Area and the French culture that his grandmothers transmitted to him. In his work he expresses the sensations he experiences in his daily life. Whether it is the female or male figure, flowers in a vase bathed in light and color, or the Northern California landscape, his encounters with the outer world emerge on the canvas, starting from an inner experience. This always involves an interaction of color, space and movement.

Marius also worked as a graphic designer for various publications like the New York Times. Opera News, and Esquire magazine. Deciding to pursue his first passion, painting, he returned to San Francisco in 1970. People have often associated Marius’ figurative works with the Bay Area figurative painters, including Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Olivera. Although he paints figurative works like these artists, his style is his own.


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