Music can be a portal through time – a way of relating, connecting, and remembering. My cassette tape series is about rewinding memories through music. Whether song lyrics, classic album covers, or snippets of favorite songs, this series is about reconnecting to memories that have morphed and melted over time.

24.25” x 15″ x 2″

Retail Value: $7,000

Minimum Bid: $2,450


BUY IT NOW! $9,100


Lucky Rapp is a San Francisco based visual artist with a background in both fashion and art. Her self-taught style is often characterized as being text-based. Her methodology incorporates layers of resin, paint, and acrylic forms that create texture and depth within the dialogue of her work. Lucky’s approach is process-oriented and physical. The end result, combines inquisitive statements that play with both language and the potency of graphical communication, while the three-dimensional nature of the layered resin fosters a sculptural reflective quality. Lucky’s work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe in solo and group shows in Antwerp, Belgium and Mannheim, Germany, as well as galleries and art fairs throughout the United States, including: Themes & Projects Gallery, ArtHaus Gallery, DZINE Gallery, Sloan Miyasato Fine Art, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, ARC Gallery, Minnesota Street Project Editions, Adeeni Design Galerie, h u g o m e n t o, Playground Global, Slate Contemporary Gallery, ArtZone 461 Gallery, Campfire Gallery, Houston Art Fair, Los Angeles Affordable Art Fair, San Francisco ArtMarket and StARTup Art Fair San Francisco. Lucky’s work can be found in Michelin Chef Dominique Crenn’s restaurants (Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn and Bar Crenn), as well as numerous private and corporate collections.

As an active member of the San Francisco art community she donates works to annual auctions at Art for Aids, Hospitality House, and ArtSpan.

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, and has lived and worked in Mannheim and Paris.


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