1616.14 Money-chrome (black)

acrylic and shredded United States currency on wood panel

16” x 16”

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Laura Hapka creates abstract paintings through the manipulation and layering of paint. She strives to produce work that stretches the definition of acrylic painting using a novel, multistep process. Hapka works within several series that draw on life experiences. This painting, 1616.14 Money-Chrome (Black), is part of her ‘Money-Chrome Series’. The work is composed of minimalist mixed media paintings made from deconstructed acrylic paint and shredded United States currency. The paintings typically have fragments of metallic, such as gold, silver, and copper, to epitomize other currency. With this textured series, based on shredded money, she explores the monetization of her artwork and the contradiction between the cost of creating art and its perceived value.  


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