Shortstop Tangled #15

Digital collage with Epson 9600 on Elegance velvet paper, graphite, acrylic, oil pastel. Framed with archival materials and plexi.

19” x 23”

Retail Value: $2,100

Minimum Bid: $750



One of my favorite artists is John Chamberlain. I am knocked out by his sculptures made by schmooshing car parts together. The energy, power, and beauty in his works thrill me. When I decided to begin adding steel sculptures to the steel frames of my paintings, my process slowed way down. At that time, I started this Shortstop Tangle Series that is tangentially related to my wall hangings––which combine paintings and sculpture––but allows me to work through ideas quickly.

In order to gain some of Chamberlain’s strength, I download photos of his sculptures from the internet and distort them in multiple ways on Photoshop so they aren’t recognizable. I then do handwork on top of this digital college using graphite, acrylic, and oil pastel.


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