Donated by Cynthia Farner

Brisbane Wagon

Monoprint with litho ink, handcolored with prismacolor pencils on archival paper

Edition: EV 6/6

24” x 22”

Retail Value: $1,300

Minimum Bid: $475


BUY IT NOW! $1,700
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an absentee bid


For 29 years, I have worked as a singular, studio fine artist, with my interdependent interests involving primarily painting, drawing, printmaking, encaustic, collage, and photography. Earlier in my career, my figurative work was often labeled as being akin to the “3rd Generation Bay Area Figurative.” Private drawing sessions with female models has been a vital practice to the gestalt of my work. This collaborative ritual began in 1994 and is a source for inner grounding and focus. I feel that this practice acts as baseline from which the rest of my oeuvre originates. I describe my work as eclectic and highly autobiographical. I define myself as a versatile, multi-disciplinary visual artist, continuously pushing boundaries, and evolving via personal successes and challenges, to give meaning to my Creative Existence.


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