Salt Ponds

Epoxy coated steel and paint inlaid in a wooden panel

25” x 25”

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Minimum Bid: $450


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There is an inherent tension between beauty and devastation in my work. We have managed to manipulate our environment into shapes, patterns, textures, and colors by means of human consumption, manufacturing and expansion. Through my work, I reflect the physical footprints on our landscape and derive my visual resources and inspiration from satellite images of the earth’s surface. Working from the pattern duality that is shared in both the macro perspective of aerial landscapes and the micro perspective of building materials, I create abstract compositions by combining views of these co-existing elements with marks left behind on the earth by the repeated process of building and rebuilding over time. In my studio, my practice mimics this scarification, “scratching, etching, burning and branding as a permanent skin modification,” through a physical application of these actions to the surfaces of various material in my work.


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