The Red Fox

Acrylic, acrylic inks on heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas.

24” x 30”

Retail Value: $950

Minimum Bid: $350


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Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, I am an international artist influenced by the nine countries I have lived in. San Francisco, my home for the past eight years, inspires me and my art with its amazing cultural diversity, its celebrated urban landscape and natural beauty, and the support and protection it provides me as an emerging gay artist. Working as a full-time artist in a Mission District studio, I want my art to reflect my experiences in this amazing city and to inspire the people who live here and visit it every day. I am versatile artist with a broad range of skill sets, utilizing a wide variety of tools and materials to create art pieces in a variety of sizes and locations, including large- and small-scale murals. My work evokes emotions and refracts it through my use of space and color. It  is fluid and natural with movement through many different layers to capture the perfect hue and a dynamic fluidity in the final result. My art speaks to viewers in a universal way, transcending the need for common language. Each piece is incomplete until the viewers contribute their own contexts to the conversation.


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