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Shepherd Us Through

Acrylic on Paper

10” x 5.5”

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Minimum Bid: $350


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Jimmy Chen is concerned with the prosaic aspects of modern life, imposing a sensibility which makes it bearable for him. His images are marked with ephemeral presence and uncanny grace.

Primarily interested in cityscapes, Jimmy Chen uses acquired images which he relentlessly searches for, altering and cropping them to achieve more dramatic compositions. He is enthralled by such pictorial malleability, and the material aspects with which it is rendered. The notion of empirical encounter and sensory ownership of a place is not his concern, but rather to evoke a collective geography of our collective surroundings.

Jimmy Chen was born in Toronto, Canada. He graduated with honors from University of California Santa Cruz in 1998, earning a bachelor’s degree in art. His work has been shown in New York, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Miami, Copenhagen, and is held in corporate and private collections internationally.

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