Winter Woodlands in the Arctic

Archival Pigment Print Mounted on Foam Board

Edition: 1/5

22” x 14”

Retail Value: $675

Minimum Bid: $250


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Photography has been a passion of mine ever since my early 20s when I bought my first camera, a Nikkormat SLR. I was first drawn to the medium as an art form when I began shooting in black and white and developing and printing my own photos. It is a magical experience to watch an image appear as if out of nowhere, looking the way I visualized the scene when I shot it, or maybe even better than that. When working in the darkroom or out shooting, I lose myself in the moment. I become totally mindful, blocking out the world around me, and completely focused on the image I’m trying to create. Some people bungee jump off bridges to be forced into the moment. I take photos


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