Donated by Wade Hampton

Erotic 8

Archival pigment print

Edition: 1/50

16” x 16”

Retail Value: $500

Minimum Bid: $175


BUY IT NOW! $650


I consider myself like a parent to my art. I create it, nurture it, devote my time and love to make it the best that I can. But in time, I have to set it free and send it out into the world. What happens to it then, while it still affects me, I realize I have no control over. In a sense, my art has become a separate, living entity to be evaluated and interpreted by all that come in contact with it.

Because of this, I feel uncomfortable when pressed to describe my work. I like for people to look at it and enjoy it as they see it. I don’t like to tell people what they should be seeing. I like my pictures to tell stories. And I want people to see their own story in it.

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