Donated by Cynthia Farmer

Pulse (12)

Encaustic on 6 panels of varying sizes and depths.

21” x 15”

Retail Value: $1,800

Minimum Bid: $650


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Howard Hersh is a third generation artist who has exhibited his work widely around the country.  With fifty solo shows and over one hundred group exhibits, Hersh’s work is also in prominent public spaces in the United States, Japan, China, Indonesia, and Africa.

Hersh has followed a lifelong passion for nature and beauty, which is clearly evident in his art.  “Over the years, in my paintings, I have strived to assemble and depict relationships—art, nature, architecture, and spirituality. A world we create, and a world by which we are created.  I hope that my life and art are part of this beautiful yet mysterious process.”


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