Whistle Stop

Oil and cold wax on panel

8” x 8”

Retail Value: $600

Minimum Bid: $225


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After satisfying careers as a math teacher and then as a social worker and psychotherapist, I came fully to my art.  Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I’d become an artist from the start, but I think I got here as fast as I could. When I start I know where I’m headed. When I stop I know I’ve gotten somewhere. In between I’m lost- found, floundering,-focused, energized-enervated. I often think everyone else goes on a straight, deliberate, well informed path, but it probably isn’t true. The challenge I set for myself in “Whistle Stop” was to use closely related blues to create a sense of openness and the lure of possibility. The title alludes to trains passing through tiny towns on the vast plains.


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