Miss Jodie

Archival sublimation print on metal

Edition: 2/15

36” x 36”

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Greta and Manu have had a longstanding interest in night photography as reflected in the variety of subject matter and places depicted in their work. They see their night work as a good example of the continuing desire to explore our environment, to see common sights in a different way and to capture images that reveal the mystery of the everyday. They are struck by the transformative power of night lighting (whether moonlight or artificial) to create beauty and feeling in urban settings.

Greta and Manu have an attraction to what has been left behind to be destroyed, to decay, or just to wait to be reanimated by human presence. Although their work is not documentary, they see their urban landscape transforming so quickly that they often feel a sense of urgency to photograph the scenes that they are drawn to before they fall to the steady march of progress.  They are presenting  here at Art for AIDS for the first time a new larger format edition of one of their most collected images—Miss Jody.


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