Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

30” x 36”

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My work depicts my personality. A passion for balance within beauty, harmony, and life, I tend to go against what is subtle, normal or stated. I create dramatic complex compositions that showcase sensuality, deep emotions a hint of mystery with a veil of naive to hide the raw powerful energy.

Unlike most artists that depict usually the same style in their works, I take a different approach by working in “THREE” very distinctive styles:

Old Masters approach and technique with a touch of modern with unique compositions. These works demand several hours and can take weeks or even months.

Surrealism influenced by Salvador Dali and my own vision and essence of other worlds and my dreams. In this style the old masters technique is used to get that strong and detailed work that can not be achieved with just one stroke.

Abstract with deep textures and bright colors; from subtle movements to incredible chaos that drops into unison. My abstract works stand out because I work in several layers, one piece can take months or years to finish due to the drying time required in order to apply the next layer.

All three of my styles are connected in a subtle way if you pay attention to the lines, the colors chosen and the spirit you can see the connectivity within the three of them. All of my artworks are created with the best that my talent can give. It isn’t created overnight… every stroke and color are chosen carefully and studied to give not just beauty but also the deepest of feelings.

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