East Oakland Sky #4

Oil on Panel

33” x 37” x 2″

Retail Value: $4,500

Minimum Bid: $1,575



I consider my painting to be a form of meditation. For me, painting is a way of drawing close to moments, and an attempt to pay homage to the fleeting beauty of everyday observations. Regardless of the subject, whether a figure or a moment of light in an interior, the sweep of a sky above an industrial neighborhood, the goal is, as Joseph Campbell once put it, ‘to reveal the radiance that lies hidden just beneath the surface of every day’. Feeling is paramount to me, and intellect and verbiage , wall texts, quite unimportant. I’m hoping to use a brush to create poetry from mundane materials, and if the paintings resonate with the viewer in the eye, the heart, the gut, then I feel I’ve been successful in sharing some small aspect of my experience.


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