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Found Papers, Acrylic, Graphite and Ink on Panel

12” x 10”

Retail Value: $500

Minimum Bid: $175


BUY IT NOW! $650


I don’t have a set process for developing the themes in my work. I might read something in a book that gets me thinking about something, like the 32 distinguishing features of the Buddha. Sometimes it comes from doodling or a song I hear. Once I have a theme, I decide what I want the focal point to be and start laying down background elements. Beyond that, it is different every time. My main goal is visual interest, rather than a “statement” (unless the piece is specific to a themed show). I want to create layers, as well as depth, which I achieve by painting shadows around certain objects.

After 19 years, my work can be quirky and evocative; some of the consistent threads include color palette and organization. I’ve left behind a certain level of worry that my work is “good enough.” As I hit my late fifties, I realize I don’t fret over what other people think – the only person I want to please is me. As a result, my work has gotten freer, more prolific.



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