Mylar Reveries, Dial

Foil-lined packaging, 100% rag board, pva glue, various mediums

12” x 12”

Retail Value: $700

Minimum Bid: SOLD


With my continuing interest in textures, fabrications, manufactured materials and product packaging that dominate our disposable consumer culture, such as tetra-pac, foiled-lined packaging, air tight plastic pouches, candy wrappers and the detritus that winds up in our landfill informs this series of work, ‘Mylar Reveries’ is an awakening, or relocating, of the predestined discard. 

The unseen is seen, chosen, and a lengthy collection and collation process — all culled from personal use, and random finds.

I want to extricate and reveal beauty hidden within a disposable consumer culture re-focusing through a different lens/filter on what we acquire, consume and the every day cast-off is realized and re-cast, collaged into a shimmering, baroque, quiet, surreal, organic shapes, motifs, landscapes and topographies.


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