Debra Reabock

Blue Worlds Series #A

No color added to this image. Photo by dye infusion into polymer coated aluminum, Metal.

Edition print: 1/15

36” x 24”

Retail Value: $575

Minimum Bid: $225



Drawn to the fluidity of photography, Debra expresses multiple perspectives with this visual medium. After moving to California from the East Coast she became a self-taught photographer with an eye for abstraction, architecture and nature. Photographers feel inspiration from the ordinary moments of life, showing that we can find beauty in the smallest aspects of our surroundings. Debra’s creativity, inspiration and delight come from revealing what’s hidden from initial observation. Many of her photos have a kinetic quality – they can be rotated exposing another unknown point of view. This “energy in motion” inspires conversation that transcends boundaries and encourages an expanded outlook. Debra has been in a number of juried shows. Her work is in private collections in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Virginia, Minnesota, Utah and California.

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