Under the Bridge

Digital photograph printed on metal

30” x 20”

Retail Value: $500

Minimum Bid: $175


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David Klein studied film, theatre arts and philosophy at San Francisco State University. After graduation he began acting and directorial training at SFSU and at a local theater academy. After appearing in a few productions, he decided to put his artistic life on hold while he focused on his family and work “acting” as a real estate broker.

An amateur photographer for nearly his whole life, in 2006 David returned to school to study photography and art at City College in San Francisco and took up acting again. He has acted in several local films and a Biography Channel TV program.

In 2009, David was inspired to use his photography to create designs for fabric prints after discovering how he could paint with light by taking photos of street and neon lights at night using long exposures with camera movement to create abstract images. In essence, he moves his camera like a painter moves his paint brush, creating imagery that flows and moves in shapes that reflect the human form, work perfectly for printing on fabrics for fashion, and can be applied to a range of products. David also loves to take photos of people, places, and things which he uses for creating designs for fabric prints.


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