Behind the Scenes

Oil on wood panel

24” x 32”

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Catherine Mackey seeks out the quiet corners inside buildings which have been abandoned or are in transition. There are no people––they have recently left––but their presence is still felt and the things they left behind increase the feeling of emptiness: a chair, a ladder, a mattress, or a paint can.

In her paintings of these spaces there is often a door or a light source in the distance, promising something beyond. But we, the viewers, are here in the space. It is quiet and we are alone.

 “Behind the Scenes” depicts a space in the artist’s beloved studio building––an old mayonnaise factory in the heart of the Mission District––which underwent many years of building work. During this time of dust, noise, leaks, and piles of building materials, Mackey would come to the building on Sundays to paint spaces which seemed to be taking a quiet breath after the noise and chaos of the week.


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