Tableau 14K

Photograph Printed with 12-Color Canon on Hahnemühle Acid-free Paper

38” x 38”

Edition: AP/5+1AP

Retail Value: $3,000

Minimum Bid: $1,050


BUY IT NOW! $3,900


The artistic duo BLECHMEKI has taken mass-produced American pottery from the 30’s through the 80’s and has used them to create their photo tableaux. At first glance, individual pieces of pottery – such as vases and figurines – look the same, but each piece is slightly different in shape and color, due to irregularities in their manufacturing process. These pottery pieces were once common in homes all over the United States, where they shared everyday moments with families and friends. Now many sit, unseen, in attics and storerooms, gathering dust. BLECHMEKI has amassed and arranged them to create abstract new photographic images. By applying geometric composition, the resulting photography transcends the commonplace to achieve a rare artistic simplicity.


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