San Francisco The Fog City

Oil on Canvas

36” x 36” x 2.5″

Retail Value: $3,000

Minimum Bid: $1,050


BUY IT NOW! $3,900


After working in high-tech for 25+ years, I realized that I was de-sensitized to the impact of technology on our lives, from the way we interact with each other, to how we consume media and news. Greater forces of capitalism and digitization are taking over parts of our lives and tearing up our connective tissue, leaving us isolated to the point where it seems that the very fabric of our society is coming undone. We communicate digitally and have to make time to experience nature, forgetting that we are nature itself.

Re-awakened to the transformative and inquisitorial possibilities offered by art, about five years ago, I decided to immerse myself in all aspects of art. My practice is informed by shedding the mask and pursuing a more emotional exploration of life, and by bridging the gap between our capitalist lives and the fundamental human need for connection.

Straddling a more contemporary version of geometric abstraction and loose representation, I seek to provoke dialog, and engages one’s imagination.


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