Jean-Michel Basquiat / $15,000
Adobe Systems
Sophia Toh

Freddie Mercury / $10,000
Kilpatrick Townsend

Elizabeth Glaser / $5,000
Bob Ross Foundation
Champion Scaffold
James Dilley, MD and Jorge Morales
Cynthia Farner
Kaiser Permanente
Kate Shumate
UCSF/ZSFG Department of Psychiatry
West Builders
Sylvester / $2,500
Julie Armistead and Fred McNear
Cimino Electric
Christian Dowell and Erick Hung, MD
Anthony and George Harrison, MD
Bérénice Mettler
Presidio Bay Ventures
Risk Strategies
UCSF/ZSFG Office of the Dean
Diane B. Wilsey

Keith Haring / $1,500
Susan Breall
Tracey Broadman
Brad Hare and Gary Larioza
Koff and Associates
Enchi Liu
Leigh Page

Marlon Riggs / $1,000
Barb Adler and Michelle Cataldo
City Front Plumbing
“Carpe Diem” Friends of Janet Brayer
Scott Balentine and James Bacchi
Andrew Chandler
Phil DeCarlo
Shirley and Stephen Cookston
Braulio Garcia
Rob Marks and Saul Rosenfeld
Twin Peaks Tavern
Jim Wright
Robert Mapplethorpe / $500
Kevin Berry and John Randall
Joseph Brennan
The Conley Family
James Dax
DK Haas and Trish Tunney
Mahsa Hakimi
Peter Farmer Dentistry
Denise Lepley
Amanda K. Perrot
Jamie Moran, LCSW
Joanne Otani and Jeffrey Wolf
Stephan P. Ouellette
Robert Ripps and Steven Spector
Colleen Smith and Elizabeth Shober Smith
Reggie Snowden
Matthew State
Paul Stoffel
Lori Thoemmes and Susan Weigle
Randy Thueme
Scott Williams and Scott Walton

Doug Shoemaker and Larry Bongort
Laurie Ghielmetti
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