Robert-Melton-2013Volunteer at Art for AIDS 2016

Two Shifts need help.

1. Set-up / Art Installation

Thursday, September 15, 1PM to 7PM
City View at the Metreon, SF
hang the art, set up tables, chairs, lights, signs, etc.

This year we are lucky to have Gander & White, professional art movers, heading up art installation. They will need some help, but mostly we will need volunteers to set up everything else—tables, chairs, displays, coat-check, section banners, posters, food stations, cocktail bars, and more. Catered lunch provided.

2. Work at Art for AIDS

Friday, September 16, 4PM to 10PM
City View at the Metreon, SF
assist buyers, serve food and drinks, wrap sold art art

Work at the Art for AIDS event on Friday evening. Most jobs allow volunteers to be right in the center of all the action—art, food, wine, bidding.

Volunteers get great food, a safe place to store personal gear, and a limitless supply of water and soft drinks. No drinking alcohol while working.
Please email me,, to sign up and let me know which day you’re available.

Deadline for Volunteer Sign-up is September 6, 2016.

Questions—email Lisa Roth any time. With your help we can make this the best Art for AIDS ever.

Detailed Instructions here.



live_auction_volunteersCoat Check
Live Auction Art Carriers
Live Auction Monitors/Spotters
Silent Auction Monitors
Certificate Auction Monitors
Live Auction Slide Show
Art Wrapping
Art to Buyers

Art Auction teams move
on to Art Wrapping when
their sections close.



Serving Food
Pouring Wine
Passing Food and Wine Trays
Wine Stations
Bar 1
Bar 2
Bar 3
Stocking Food Tables
Bussing Tables
Volunteer Area

All food and beverage team
members stay on their teams
until the event ends.


Enjoying the Auction

Many jobs are out on the auction floor in the middle of all the action. There are also critical “behind the scenes” jobs—like wrapping art after it’s sold, food prep, staffing the volunteer area. Everyone will get a break so they can enjoy the event. Your team leader will organize your breaks.

Dress Code: All black, casual professional (like in photos above).
Wear your most comfortable shoes.


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