Layers of Happiness

Digital print, paper, acrylic, ink and wood stain on birch wood  

16″ x 16″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $700

Minimum Bid: $250

BUY IT NOW! $910




Steve Rodgers explores the beauty of typography through his mixed media art. As he creates his art, Steve manipulates and layers letters of various sizes to represent a human form. The human brain is conditioned to look at the white space around a letter and recognize the letter’s shape. The brain then puts a series of letters together to form a word, and finally, puts a series of words together to communicate a specific message. Steve’s intention is to stop this process. He wants to create human forms that make viewers rethink how letters are presented, how the juxtaposition of letters can form new words, and ultimately, how these new words can tell a unique story.


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