John Link

(Deceptive) Words Matter: You Hurt Us With Your Lies

Oil on canvas


20″ x 20″

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Some may say, “sticks and stones can break our bones but words will never hurt us.”

The artist, Sophia Green, profoundly disagrees. She believes words do matter. That words can and do hurt us—that words are the currency of communication. That language is the foundation of civilization. And when meaning becomes elusive and slippery the breakdown of society begins. In this painting series, text and abstraction interweave in a visual melange of concept and patterned modality. Touching upon current socio-political events, her work explores language, meaning and its critical relevance to our time. Ms. Green exhibits work in San Francisco galleries and at Open Studios in the Mission. Her work is also in numerous private collections in the Bay Area and New York City.

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