Famous: For All The Wrong Reason(s)?

Oil on canvas

24″ x 24″

Signature: bottom right

Retail Value: $800

Minimum Bid: $275

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Sophia Green lives and works in San Francisco and has been creating commercial and fine art for the past two decades. Her fine art work has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the Bay Area including; The Anon Salon, SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason, Asterisk Gallery, and City Art Gallery. Her work can also be seen at her studio in the Mission District during ArtSpan’s Open Studios.

Employing the medium of painting, Sophia Green explores language as definition, idiom, and symbol manifested within, and sometimes created by, current social environments. Reflecting the dynamic nature of these interpretations, Sophia uses formal techniques to create visual tension. The painting’s two-dimensional surface hovers above a deeply perspectival space. Specific word choices with attendant variables and evolving meanings bring ideas and memories to the forefront of the image. Using the building blocks of communication, a discourse is woven between the artist and the viewer. The linguistic standard evolves and develops into new forms of expression: language as social provocateur, language as inclusionary and exclusionary device, language as common voice, language as cultural projection both barrier and entry point.

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