Acrylic on panel


20″ x 20″

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Sidnea D’Amico was born in Brazil where she studied photography and jewelry design. After moving to the United States, Sidnea began to develop her career as an artist. Warm colors, shapes, and lines inspire her art practice. She works with acrylics, Polaroid transfers, collage, and resin.

Sidnea’s works have been exhibited around California in venues that include the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, Sanches Art Center in Pacifica, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose. In addition, Sidnea’s works have been shown in Italy, Greece, and Dubai. In 2005, Sidnea was nominated to represent Brazil at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, and most recently, she won the third prize representing Brazil at the Dubai International Art Symposium.



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