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West Berkeley-Virginia St.

Oil on canvas  

27″ x 36″

Signature: on the back

Retail Value: $4,000

Minimum Bid: $1,350




Ryan Reynolds received an MFA in art practice from the University of California at Berkeley in 2003. Before that, he studied at University of California, Santa Cruz. His paintings document places he has an established relationship with. This painting was made along the industrial shore and suburban sprawl of the east bay, where tidal waters merge with the ordinary anonymous periphery of perpetual land development. Each of his paintings documents a specific place and time as he remembers them. Ryan chooses to paint the places along the periphery of public spaces—footpaths, freeways, parks, or street corners. He makes paintings that capture the process of the visual experience. This includes the immediacy of seeing and also the changes that occur to our collective impressions over the years.

Through the process of observation and recording, Ryan focuses on the elements of time, space, and light as seen in a changing shadow, a ship unloading cargo, a moving person, or a sky set against the more permanent objects of the built and natural environment.

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