Bridges Over the Vltava

Digital print on Hahanemuhle photo rag, 308 g/m2, printed on 12-color Canon

Edition: 1/50

20″ x 16″


16″ x 24″

Retail Value: $750

Minimum Bid: $275

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Russel Kiehn describes his task as an artist as “finding other ways of seeing.” The image that interests Russell is one that is often overlooked and hidden in plain sight. He tries to capture beauty in what others may consider trash or unworthy.  Another place of interest for him has been the dialogue between the subject and the medium. Between what is shot and the technical process that will produce the final result.

Elliot Porter said, “A true work of art is the creation of love, love for the subject first and for the medium second.”

Russel describes Steps as a portion of a decaying wall that could not be designed with more beauty even if he could do so.


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