Silver Blue Sky


Decanted oil, silver and calcium carbonate on 22-gauge steel, mounted on magnetic hardwood frame.


20″ x 45″

Retail Value: $3,500

Minimum Bid: $1,225


Robin’s work is about process with an emphasis on the organic properties of the materials he uses and how they mimic nature. He does not render a landscape but allows the materials to naturally create one. The process of decanting oil creates a beautiful gradation of color and texture.

22 gauge steel sheets allow for a smooth and consistent surface. The sheets are sanded, primed and submerged in several gallons of mineral spirits. Robin pours oil paint into the solution until it is cloudy. Over a period of several days the particles of oil color precipitate and leave sediment on the steel. After the oil has completely separated from the mineral spirits, he repeats the process with another color. Robin manipulates the surface after the bath. The painting is sealed with a protective finish and mounted on a magnetic hardwood frame.

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