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Love Over Gold

Mixed media mono print in water based paints on archival paper

13″ x 11″

Signature: lower right

Retail Value: $500

Minimum Bid: $175

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Rob Delamater’s works are created using various forms of printmaking (hand-painted monoprints in water-based paints on archival paper), painting and collage. He blends formal aesthetics and improvisational techniques to achieve multi-level prints that layer biomorphic and geometric forms with semi-transparent inks and paints. He often uses found antique papers, vintage books and other ephemera in his work. He thinks his most successful pieces combine simplicity and the Japanese concept of “wabi sabi” (finding beauty in imperfection).

Each piece is hand-printed on archival paper at his studio in the NOPA neighborhood of San Francisco. Each new piece begins with either a sketch or an idea about colors. And the piece always comes from a direct experience with the real world. His stone-inspired pieces began with a drawing he made of an arrangement of fallen rocks he had encountered high up in the Andes of Peru. An act of nature had created a perfect composition.

This fascination has continued with Rob’s exploration of the Northern California coast. Rob is very enamored with ideas, objects, stories, and people from the past. He has been very impacted by the Bloomsbury Group, a small circle of artists and writers from the early part of the 20th Century in London. They believed in making as much as they could themselves (textiles, furniture, ceramics, fine art) and they valued the gifts of friendship, especially between men and women, which was rare in those days. Rob feels very privileged to live and have his art studio in the NOPA neighborhood of San Francisco. The dramatic clash of nature (water, hills, constantly changing weather) with urban forms (architecture, the angles of the streets) delights his eyes.

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