Koi Pond #21

Collaged papers and book cloth on birch wood panel, finished with an archival gel and UV varnish  

40″ x 30″

Signature: on side

Retail Value: $2,500

Minimum Bid: $850

BUY IT NOW! $3,250




Born in England in 1952, Richard traveled to India in 1976 where he lived for 5 years learning to meditate and live life fully. He moved to San Francisco in 1986 and this year will be celebrating 30 years here. That same year he started his art career after discovering he was HIV+, thinking there was no time to lose. That is still the case. Richard’s creative restlessness has produced a large body of still-life watercolors, which has earned him great respect. It has also inspired an in-depth exploration of abstraction in monotype, moved him to create a body of work on his iPad, and now motivates him with his new work in collage and etched wood panels. Created out of cut and pasted paper, Richard’s Koi Pond series collages superficially are about fish in a pond. At the same time, this series also explores formal concerns such as composition and color, and the boundary between abstraction and representation.   

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