Contrasted Results

Spray paint and synthetic polymer on canvas  

48″ x 48″

Retail Value: $2,000

Minimum Bid: $675

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Rene Gagnon has always been considered a creative individual, but his first real devotion to the arts revealed itself during the mid-1980s when his thirst for creation exploded after seeing graffiti art emanate from the streets of New York City. The enormity of the works and the care free expression of color displayed a means by which he could gain the attention that teens tend to desperately seek. This rebellious idea of searching for one’s identity through the use of markers and spray paint fueled his desire to follow in the footsteps of a graffiti artist. Over two decades later, Rene finds himself back where he began.

For years, being conscious of others opinions and marketability, he thought he had to change himself and the way he painted. Most individuals he encountered despised everything graffiti art represented: criminal behavior, destruction of property, etc. With a fear of this stereotype, Rene began to create works that did not express his true self.

Now, he finds himself at a point in life where he is beginning to see through the spray paint haze. He now realizes that an artist’s work should represent their soul. So, through the use of urban media techniques mastered as a teenager, he is attempting to bridge the gap between graffiti art and contemporary abstract expressionism.

Each one of his pieces exhibits a personal journey into Rene’s thoughts represented by tagging script seen throughout the many layers of the painting. Ideas, personal beliefs, current affairs, meanings of life, memories, and original poetry are just a handful of inspiration sources that reveal themselves in the script. Rene intends to reveal the layers of time a surface goes through and the relentless struggle that ensues on these surfaces, between artists’ and property owners. Through time, the multiple transformations of the surface reveal an abstract maze of value and composition that he senses as an opportunity to construct a reality that exceeds our own structured reality.

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